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W H A T  I  O F F E R

I don't offer the conventional package list.

I know, I know, but why would I want to offer you a lesser product, or turn what should be a great 5 minute video into a boring 10 minute video?

All I want to do is offer you the best possible video I can.

But if I'm only there for the ceremony, how can I do that?

If you would like to discuss prices, or need any further information, don't hesitate to contact me!

So here's what I offer.

You can choose some add-ons, but the main video will always be the best I can make it!

Will & Carla.00_06_03_22.Still007.png

T H E   M A I N  E V E N T

This is the main video of the day.

Where I pour my heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears.

They typically range from about 5-10 minutes depending on the content of the day.

They are maticulously crafted and shaped around you as a couple, the atmosphere, the venue and the mood of the day.

Music plays a huge role in the experience. I source all my music legally from Musicbed which is the best of the best for wedding film making.

No corporate stock music or slapping 'Greatest day' by Take That over the video and calling it a day.

This is, dare I say it, a cinematic experience, without becoming self indulgent and making my own Hollywood blockbuster trailer.

This is a bespoke product designed for you and I strive to never lose sight of that.

A window back into the day for generations to come.

T H E   S P E E C H E S

To me, this is one of the most important aspects of the package and one of the reasons why I think videography is so important.

Weddings are a celebration of not just your love for each other, but friends and family too.

When you write a speech, you are putting into words how much the people that are gathered around you mean to you.

I think it's so important to capture and immortalize those words, even if it's the best man making a joke at the grooms expense.

All your speeches will be recorded in their entirety and edited on a multi camera setup, presented as their own separate videos.

Amy & Max 1080p.00_03_39_17.Still003.png

T H E   C E R E M O N Y

This is what it's all about.

Getting married.

(I mean, for me it's about the food and drink, but I'm not the one getting married here)

This is where I capture some of the most emotional and heartfelt moments.

The moments you imagine when you think about your wedding day,

The bride walking down the aisle, the grooms reaction, the promises you make to one another. The first kiss.

Just like the speeches, I film the ceremony on 3 cameras and deliver the whole ceremony in full as it's own video.


D R O N E   F O O T A G E

Yes, I have a drone!

Does it scare me? Yes.

Does it make incredible footage? Also yes.

Although weather & location dependent, I usually incorporate drone footage into my videos, allowing for incredible views of the venue, surrounding areas and some really cool shots!

I am a fully CAA certified drone pilot, so you don't need to worry about me getting dragged away by the police half way through the day!

T H E   F I R S T   D A N C E

This is one of my favourite moments to capture.

Couples showing off their moves, but also having such an personal moment surrounded by family and friends.

It's like a moment away from the chaos,

You can really see a couple show their love through their eyes.

Circumstances permitting (having the first dance in a cupboard or something), I always try to deliver the first dance as it's own video.

T H E  E X T R A S

So what can I offer in terms of add-ons that doesn't deliberately lower the standard of your video package?

Well, a couple of things.

Sometimes you just want to drum up a little hype, or sometimes a 10 minute video on Instagram can seem a bit much.

That's why I offer a separate ~1min trailer option for keeping everything tidy on social media.

For an extra £175, I can make you a short highlight trailer that's easy to share and digest.

I deliver my video packages digitally, but if you would prefer something more physical, I can deliver the video on a beautiful wooden USB drive for an extra £55

Mike & Kim.jpg
Sequence 01.00_03_00_05.Still017.png

T H E   D E L I V E R Y

So you made the right choice and chose me to film your wedding. Now I suppose you'd like to watch that footage too. Fine.

I deliver your videos in a beautiful online gallery that you can view from your computer, phone or tablet.

You also have the ability to stream the content to a TV (which I would highly recommend. No seriously, please don't watch it for the first time on your phone I'll be sad).

It's easy to share with friends and family or download to any device you like.

I think you can even play videos on a fridge now can't you?

So with all of that being said, if you want to get started, or have any more questions, contact me!

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